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Fashion as a part of me Date: Oct 11th @ 12:42pm EDT
I love to talk to people from all over the world and brighten your day (or night). I like also to make a good first impression because it is the first invitation to approach a conversation or more... I don't forget about the smile, the good vibes or even the way I dress on the camera. And talking about this, about 2 years ago I started to change or let's say, upgrade the way I dress. When I got close to my thirty's I felt the need to dress more elegant. Not just for the special occasions, but also on a more regular basis. It kind of became a habit of mine. It was also a match for my personality as well. I consider myself a smooth talker, and I think this style really completes my personality.
hello Date: Feb 6th @ 10:00am EST
i wanted to start sharing with you guys my thougts.

i have to be honest and say that i have met here a couple of special guys since i started this job. this is one of the reasons that this job is so cool,if you ask me. discovering new people through communication is very nice.

i like to perform on cam being myslef and having my own style. i think this is the only way to perform,anyway - being true to yourself

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